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Gold Coast Decks


A big job, Replace all exterior cladding, insulate walls, new windows, new front door, complete roof restoration and the opening up of the front rumpus room above the triple garage by creating a veranda and installing a large new stacker door. 

The Cladding and Windows

The Original house was built in 1973. Which meant there was a high chance that the exterior cladding boards would contain Asbestos. All though it turned out not to be Asbestos. We treated the removal as if it was.


The Job -  Remove cladding, prep for new installs - insulation batts, new sarking, new windows and new cladding with stop moulds and architraves. The attack plan for this process was complete an entire section in one day. It was summer and we didn't want the home to be vulnerable to the somewhat predictable afternoon storms. After all 5 sections of the exterior were completed we installed new timber architraves and pelmets for the existing blinds.

The Rumpus Room

The upstairs of this triple garage is just one room. The room was hot and basically used as a storage room. The idea was to make this large room more usable and most importantly give the home more street appeal

The Job - Prop roof, remove existing outside corner and eaves below. Install new internal walls and beams for new stacker door. Install graded / strengthened floor joists in the new veranda area for fall. Install box gutter for floor drainage. The veranda floor was waterproofed and tiled. We then installed the new stacker door and windows, cladded the entire outside and installed handrails and balustrade. To finish it off we installed feature stone on the right side pier.

- Gold Coast Decks      

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