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Gold Coast Decks

When it comes to decks, we promise you Gold Coast, we are the BEST! And that's a fact. When it comes to strength and true quality, we have never compromised and we never will. All of our new Gold Coast decks are built to the highest of Australian standards. Even Higher! Here's how.


What makes a good deck?

It has to be strong! So, how do you get strength? Firstly, strength is about the correct choice of timber and more importantly the correct choice of span. What is span? Span is the full extent of distance from end to end or the amount of space a joist floats between bearers. The Timber Framing Code of Australia states that a MGP10 140 x 45 H3 Treated Pine joist can span 1500 - 1800 mm. We install our bearers at a maximum of 1400 mm. That gives no flex, no bounce and leaves nothing but solid goodness. There is nothing worse than standing on a deck that springs... This is why our structural warranty is best in the country. 


What else raises the standards? 


Other than strength, there is nothing more important than having pride in your work. It is taking that little extra time to make sure that everything is perfect. And that's from start to finish. A little saying that i have said to my workers for years, is " Never compromise quality for speed! Take your time. Make sure its right. When a Gold Coast Deck is complete everyone knows that this was a job well done!


This is most noticed with those little details with the finishes. There is nothing nicer than straight lines, even gaps and trimmed ends. Its a Gold Coast Decks point of difference. Straight lines, even gaps and trimmed ends every time.

 We are your deck builder Gold Coast

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