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Welcome to Renovision

RENOVISION is our outdoor renovation design service that lets you see your Gold Coast Decks project completed, before it has even started! Essentially, RENOVISION is a photo of your homes exterior or interior with a real lifelike overlay of the renovation completed, just like you have seen in the feature slideshow above. From a rear entertaining area with deck and patio, to a full 2nd storey parents retreat, RENOVISION will help you get your head into the project and make you and your family super excited to taking this next step.

How it works with you

After discussing your project with you at the Consult Stage. We take a photo of the overall area of where your new project will be built. We then take all of the compiled information and create our two-dimensional building plan. Then using our three-dimensional software, we digitally string lines across the image. Lines such as boarders, Level heights and existing property lines. We then digitally commence construction. Adding all of the little details discussed at the consult stage. The finished product is an extremely lifelike image that everyone is excited about.

It's better to be safe

Renovision is perfect for the bigger projects. Sometimes people can spend a lot of money on there dream outdoor areas and wish they did something a little differently. They love the job and love the space, but because they struggled to visualise the renovation in the early stages they didn't exactly know what they were actually going to get. Obviously this can cause problems during the build phase. This is why Gold Coast Decks created Renovision. Renovision is the tool that enables us to essentially test the waters and actually show you what where going to build. If your not to sure, its a great idea to not like a $300 design vs a $50,000 build. This is just another way that our work method helps ensure a smooth quality build without any unwanted surprises.

Video Coming Soon

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