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Gold Coast Decks

Nothing screams out door living better than an insulated flyover patio. Australian made and trusted, Colorbond is the go to supplier for strength and true quality,  All of our new Gold Coast Decks patios are built tough to withstand the harshest of Queensland tropical storms


What makes a good Patio?

Just like a deck or anything we build, It has to be strong! So, how tough are insulated panels? 

Colorbonds or AusDeks Insulated Panels are probably one of the best building materials some one can purchase. They span an incredible distance. The smallest 50 mm thick sheet spans 5 meters. And the largest 125 mm thick sheet spans a massive 6 and 1/2 meters from beam to beam. Other than massive span. The insulation value is literally insane. You can enjoy being at least 5 to 10 degrees cooler in summer under an insulated patio


What else raises the standards? 


Other than strength, If you have read our decks page you are about to realise that you reading the same thing. That's because it doesn't matter if its a deck, patio or bathroom renovation. There is nothing more important than having pride in your work. It is taking that little extra time to make sure that everything is perfect. And that's from start to finish. A little saying that i have said to my workers for years, is " Never compromise quality for speed! Take your time. Make sure its right. When a Gold Coast Deck project is complete everyone knows that this was a job well done!


This is most noticed with those little details with the finishes. There is nothing nicer than straight lines, evenly spaced fixings and quality finishes. Its a Gold Coast Decks point of difference. Quality over quantity

 We are your patio builder Gold Coast

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