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Ok so, this job started a little bit differently. And its too odd not to share. Normally this just doesn't happen, nor would we put it on our website. But in the end, it was funny and funniness overrules!


We were in the middle of a large renovation just up the road from this job, when all of a sudden a big bloke comes up to us and says angrily (very angrily). "Are you the blokes pouring paint in the river"? I said, "Excuse me"? Important note to the story: me and my 2 apprentices are standing in a driveway. The Man yelled "There is paint in the river! And when there's paint in the river, tradesmen like you, you and you are pouring it in"!!! "It's just fact!" he yells! Pointing his fingers in our faces. "Excuse Me"????????? after a few minutes of calming this man down he invited us down to his house, which was just down the road, where he would love it if we could give him a quote for a Deck, a Patio and Bathroom...

The Deck

The original deck was in a bad state. The Clients were very keen to save and reuse the existing decking boards which were 140 x 35mm treated pine. Not a standard decking board in anyway, more like a decking board you would find on rain forest boardwalk. All of the decking screws needed to be replaced with 100mm 14 g stainless steel batten screws and new structural joists were added to stiffen up some rotted sections. Once this was complete, we renewed all of the posts, replaced with H4 Pink primed treated pine as these were to be painted. We replaced the existing handrail with 140 x 35mm solid Merbau. And installed brand new stainless steel 4 mm balustrading. The decks sub frame was then covered in with blue board, which we painted with Rokcote. 

The Patio

This patio turned out a treat! 100mm AusDek insulated panels, perimeter beams and 2 very large 300 x 300mm solid iron bark posts milled onsite by a very clever carpenter. 

The Bathroom

This bathroom / laundry was big deal as the existing room just didn't work for the clients home. Originally this was just a laundry / storage room with a shower that was never used. We cut in a doorway to allow access to the main house as well as chop up the floor to allow for the new extra drainage locations. The end result really improved the use of the area buy allowing the room to be accessed and used by to sides of the home. Once the 3 jobs were completed we painted the entire home to freshen it all up and bring this Palm Beach classic back to life..

- Gold Coast Decks

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